Sunday morning, I woke up to a text message from a friend.

"You good? Heard there were some issues in your apt complex last night."

I asked what he heard because we've had some fireworks still lingering from the past weekend and we've got some construction going on, but otherwise all was good as far as I was concerned. I went to bed a little late Saturday night/Sunday morning.

He informed me there was a huge party with a bunch of people and some got shot. He didn't know how close it was to me so he was just checking.

I'm And if there was a party and shooting, how did I not hear it?

I quickly checked the news. Our good friends over at WILX.

At least one person who was shot outside an apartment complex early Sunday morning was released from the hospital.

Five people were shot just after 3 a.m. in a parking lot at Towne Square Apartments at the corner of Dunckel and Jolly Roads. (WILX)

Apparently there was a a party of about 50 plus people or so in the parking lot. It was noted there was no social distancing or masks involved. However lots of liquor and that debris was still in the parking lot Sunday afternoon.

I had errands to run on Sunday and I drove by the area to see where it happened in the complex. This was right at the corner of Jolly and Dunckel across the street from where the Quality Dairy is.

According to WILX and police reports five people were shot but none sustained life threatening injuries. And at least one has been release from the hospital.

Shooting at Town Square Apartments 071220

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