There are several reasons why they should increase the speed limit to 75 mph on I-96.  The biggest reason?  Most highway drivers exceed the speed limit.

Whenever I drive down 1-27 or I-96, I'll be honest, I don't want to drive exactly 70 mph.  Other drivers are hitting speeds of anywhere from 75 to at least 90 mph and this happens all the time.

If you remember back in 2017, the speed limit on U.S.127 increased from 70 mph to 75 mph.  Now it's time for I-96 to step it up.

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There are some who hope the speed limit stays the same on I-96 but others feel the need for speed.  If you ask just about anyone who travels on our Michigan highways, most would agree to raising the speed limit from 70 to 75 mph.

And based on several reports that I've read, we do know that more people get in car accidents as more drivers exceed posted highway speed limits.

Even if they change the speed limit to 75 mph, the majority of drivers will drive 80 mph or even higher.

According to

The real world average speed increase on the 75-mph roads in one single-day test sample was just under 2 mph (from 74.6 mph in 2016 to 76.9 mph in 2018), but the total number of people going over 80 mph went form 10 percent to 40 percent of all cars.  The result for some rural Michigan roads is that plenty of people are still driving well under 75 mph, but more are now going even faster.

And think about this, with thousands of drivers breaking speed limit laws all the time on Michigan highways, is it really going to matter if they raise the speed limit by an extra 5 mph?

Many of us can say that 70 mph is too slow on I-96 and that may be true, but if U.S. 127 can raise it to 75 mph like they did back in 2017, what's taking I-96 so long?

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