Rejoice, my friends.

East Lansing is getting a Raising Cane's.

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Hungry for a new restaurant and chicken fingers?  Your wait is over.

We all have that one person in our lives who ALWAYS orders chicken fingers no matter where you go. Maybe it's you. Either way, this new E. Lansing eatery is for both of you.

First off, who are they? What is a Raising Cane's and what are they known for?

Chicken fingers.

That's it.

Oh and that Cane's sauce for the chicken fingers.

But they keep it pretty simple. Chicken fingers and chicken finger meals.  Fingers, fries, coleslaw, sauce, Texas toast, and drinks (get the sweet tea, trust me). They're based out of Louisiana so they are a down south staple who's been growing and spreading all over the country.

They've got quite a following.

We don't know the timetable of when the restaurant itself is going to arrive. But we do have an idea where and they really want you to work there.

The General Manager position is open and per the job description, we get an idea of where the restaurant is going to be.

General Manager - Lansing, MI

Grand River and M.A.C. would be East Lansing. Smack in the middle of Downtown East Lansing and Michigan State University.

I know I'm really looking forward to heading over to this new spot AS SOON AS THEY OPEN.

You know how much we love our chicken here. Especially wings. And more NEW restaurants are coming.

This is not the first location that the Detroit Wing Co. has announced plans for in the greater Lansing area. We learned back in November that they have plans to open a location on Lansing's south side. More specifically, the restaurant is going to be located at 6541 S Cedar next to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, right where Cedar and Pennsylvania criss-cross.

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