Poseyville lies in Ingersoll Township, Midland County, just 5 miles south of Midland.

What WAS Poseyville? Just a small, unincorporated community that had a post office; it opened in 1898 and closed in 1907. It sits on the lonely intersection of E. Brooks Rd. and S. Poseyville Rd.

All that's left of 'Poseyville' are a few homes and an old church that recently was a Korean karate center...and one mile south of Poseyville on S. Poseyville & E. Freeland Rds is an old general store that is currently an antique shop.

Poseyville is simply an 1800's community that never got off the ground to become a full-fledged town, village or burg. However, a few feet north is the Poseyville Cemetery; it has enough people there that shows the area had a decent population at one time.

Poseyville does not show up on most maps but it's a quaint, peaceful little intersection that is worth a drive-through on a roadtrip down Michigan's backroads.

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