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The Terrace Inn  - built in 1910 - has a history of haunted fact, if you stop by, ask the desk person for their "Ghost Files"....a thick folder with reports of paranormal happenings that were witnessed by guests and employees. You're welcome to read all the reports!

Paranormal investigators who have spent time at the Terrace confirm many of the reported occurrences and say the building is extremely active...kind of a "spook central," to quote a phrase from the original "Ghostbusters" film.

There are a nice handful of walking spirits on hand but there are three that especially stand out:
1) The Man in Tweed
2) The Lady in White
3) The Basement Boy

People wonder if the Lady in White (named Elizabeth) is actually searching for the Man in Tweed (named Edward) - possibly her husband. She has been seen wandering the halls and spotted in guest rooms while the Man has been seen on a balcony, peering into bedrooms. The Basement Boy has been seen in shadowy form and is believed to be between 12-14 years old; he has been known to interact with guests.

Other apparitions have been seen floating down the staircase, voices out of nowhere are heard and the usual bumps in the night: creaking doors, footsteps and more.

According to, "The most activity seems to be in the area of room 211 and 212, although room 308, 219, most recently 303."

The Terrace Inn welcomes all ghost-hunters, so you're in luck! They've been known to hold ghost hunts and paranormal investigations for interested guests.

Read more about the inn's history - and hauntings - by CLICKING HERE. Then make a reservation, if yer not squeamish...

The inn is located at 1549 Glendale Ave, Petoskey, or you can call and make your own reservation...and ghost (231)-347-2410.

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