Either some people in Fowlerville are having a great time putting us on, or there are numerous hauntings actually going on there. Some of these sound like they may be based in some sort of fact, others I just can't believe at all.

For example, the ones that MAY be based in fact include:

1) The partially-transparent body of a woman has been seen early in the morning by Fowlerville apartment residents as she peeks through their windows. It's said that this is a spirit that likes to scare the ghost hunters who come to Fowlerville in search of paranormal activity.

2) Does anyone in Fowlerville recall a local news story about a security guard who was shot through the head and killed? In the middle part of the Red Cedar River that flows through town, the ghost of this guard has been seen just standing & staring at nothing. It's been said that it's an apparition you should hope you DON'T come across.

3) Was there ever a woman who was stabbed to death in an alley or small back lane in Fowlerville? Some residents claim the ghost of a woman with a knife embedded in her head has been seen down one of those alleyways late at night. It's believed this is the ghost of a former resident, so again, I ask if anyone remembers a news story that covered something like this?

As for the ones I just CANNOT believe are:

1) The ghost of an old, old white-mustachioed man has been seen watching cable TV in a local house after midnight. (Now WHY would someone think this is a ghost and not an actual human watching TV in his own living room?)

2) An empty suit of armor of a medieval knight floats above the town near the clouds . (Really? Are we REALLY supposed to believe this one?)

So there ya are. Those last two have GOTTA be bogus, but the first three may be based in some kind of fact: at least, more plausible if not typical. Either way, these tales are just the tip of the iceberg. There are quite a few more paranormal occurrences in Fowlerville I'll be telling you about soon.

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