I took a couple of days off this week and headed back to my hometown of Owosso.  No trip home would be complete with out a pop in to Bea's Bakery. Owners Robin and Rich Nevins continue to sell the donut that put Owosso on the map, and that my friends is the delicious triangle. Growing up in Owosso, a childhood treat was my Dad buying a box of Triangles every Saturday morning.

Whites Bakery started selling the Triangle, and it became not only an Owosso favorite but a Michigan favorite as well. The beautiful roll filled with cream and frosted with a maple frosting is so delicious that people from Flint, Lansing and other cities would make the drive just to purchase a Triangle. So delicious.

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After Whites closed down, many of us thought that our delicious Triangle might be gone for good. Enter Lance Ellenberg.

Lance, a friend of mine since elementary school, opened up Lance's Bakery and also got the original Whites recipes for several donuts and most important, he got the original  recipe for the very popular Triangle. Bea's Bakery is now running the show and they continue to use the original Whites Bakery recipes.

There are a few places around our state that are favorites of mine, like The Nantucket Baking Company in Grand Rapids. They are known for their rustic breads like Country French bread and their Garlic Parmesan, awesome flavors.

A friend of mine turned me on to Ackroyd's in Detroit. This place sells delicious meat pies, which is their specialty, and they also sells Haggis, which I would never recommend.  If you like food boiled in a sheep's stomach then have at it, and enjoy your haggis.

The best place that I have found for baklava is at Astoria in Greektown.  A few years back, when I had my first taste of their baklava, I told my friends that this is how it is supposed to taste. Highly recommend a stop there.

I brought in some Triangles this morning for co-workers and they LOVED them. One of them said, "I will just take a bite and then finish this later." Yeah, so that is impossible to do. One "bite" turns into eating the entire thing.

When you are out exploring Michigan, remember to stop and try the foods offered at many of our Mom and Pop places.

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