An Akron, Ohio man attempted a hoax to help the protest in Canada but called the wrong police department.

Earlier this week a 20-year-old man decided he wanted to help his Canadian "brothers and sisters" who are participating in the protests and riots that have turned the country's capital upside down.  So, the young Akron, Ohio resident googled the Ottawa Police Department and called in a bomb threat for Ottawa City Headquarters in Canada.  The "Ohio Freedom Fighter" had no idea that he mistakenly called the Ottawa, Ohio police, not Ottawa, Canada according to ABC 13,

While Putnam County Sheriff’s deputies were attempting to trace the first call, he called back again, saying he’d been shot.

The dispatcher in Putnam County, Ohio was able to trace the suspect's location from his second phone call.  At the time this article was published, charges have not been filed against the suspect.  In Ohio, a person busted for 'SWATTING' could face anywhere from 180 days in prison for "Making False Alarms" up to 3 years in prison for "Making Terroristic Threat" according to

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There are two things happening in the world right now that you need to know for this nonsense to make sense.


Swatting has unfortunately become a popular internet hoax that can have very dangerous results.  Swatting is where someone calls the police to falsely report a violent crime with the hopes that a group of armed law enforcement officers will show up at the location that is reported.

The Ottawa Trucker Protest

The protests in Canada which involve truckers blocking important bridges and highways to block trade routes between Canada and the United States started a couple of weeks ago.  In the beginning, it was a protest against vaccine mandates.  It is now a violent anti-government protest with a great deal of Nazi symbolism including Nazi flags.  Residents of the Canadian city that is the most affected by the protests, Ottawa, say they are afraid to go outside.


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