This mid-Michigan MAGA rally and subsequent mixer, planned for later this month, March 26th, has caused quite the stir across Lansing-area communities and it's all been a bit of a whirlwind. It's caused people to boycott businesses, boycott each other, clashes between local businesses, "gay frog" donuts and now, a venue change.

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Post-Rally MAGA Mixer Supposed to Happen at Lansing Brewing Company

Let's do a quick recap of how we got here, shall we?

First, it was announced a Maga Mi Rally and Maga Mixer would be featuring speakers, dinner, live music, etc. after a rally at the state capitol. That mixer was to be held at Lansing Brewing Company and people were not pleased.

Patrons said they would no longer support Lansing Brewing Company, political debates ensued, even fellow local business, Strange Matter Coffee chimed in.

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After a lot of pushback from the public and saying they learned more about the organization hosting the event, Lansing Brewing Company announced they no longer would be the hosting venue. This also had people upset and pointing fingers at "cancel culture."

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In the days that followed, people also turned their attention back to Strange Matter Coffee for their social media commentary, which, in turn, caused Strange Matter to clap back in the form of donuts modeled after a viral conspiracy theory.

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While the public and local businesses duked it out, the Maga Mi Rally and Maga Mixer had another mission in mind, to find another venue to host the mixer.

MAGA Mixer Venue Changed to Lansing's Royal Scot Golf and Bowl

As reported by FOX 47 News, one of the Royal Scot owners, Todd Kwiecien, says he has no political affiliation to the group putting on the event, Grand Opportunity USA.

Kwiecien's message is one of simply allowing groups to use Royal Scot venue space to bring in money to the business, citing an example of how they hosted a Democrat group with no issues "because nobody knew about it," as he shared with FOX 47.

Royal Scot is taking a bit of a different approach than Lansing Brewing Company to the event, in the sense that they have no plans to cancel over political debates and criticism.

"“Give me a break,” Kweicen told FOX 47. “The only affiliation I have is the color of green, money. The same thing that provides for my family and provides for my employees.”

Some are already voicing their criticisms over Royal Scot now being the hosting venue, which to that, Kweicen says, "I look at it, if they can’t accept a business, trying to survive and make money in the climate we’re in today, I don’t want their business.”

What Do Organizers, Grand Opportunity USA, Have to Say About it All?

When Lansing Brewing Company backed out of being the spot to host the Maga Mi Rally and Maga Mixer, the event's Facebook page featured a long post articulating their stance on cancel culture.

A statement reflected by Grand Opportunity USA founder, John Moran, when he told FOX 47 "I don’t know why they canceled it. I’m not too happy about it and I think it’s canceled culture at work," when asked about the issue with Lansing Brewing Company.

Now, though, with an updated flyer to reflect the mixer's new location, the messaging is "The woke mob is trying to cancel this event! We won't let them."

If there's anything that can be learned from this, it's that watching all of this unfold has truly been a wild ride. Anyone who wishes to make their opinions, or lack thereof, on these matters definitely opens a can of worms they should be prepared to deal with from either side.

As the dust seems to settle on this story, now let's focus on other pressing matters at hand:

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