Much of Wilmington North Carolina has been cut off as Florence and her flooding.  Residents have been stranded without power, so when a grocery store opened up for business, you better believe their was a line outside before the store opened its door.

Roads leading in and out of the city were underwater Sunday night, forcing residents to wait for hours outside a few stores that were open for basic necessities.  Police were only allowing ten people at a time inside the door of one store.   Trying to keep a hand on crowd control.

The Governor said during a news conference on Sunday that since there is no direct access to Wilmington, that food and water would be flown into the city that is home to 120 thousand people.  When one grocery store opened some of the top items bought were dog food and wine.

Cheers were heard when the stores doors opened with one young mother yelling,.."we need wine"!!  (Fyi that would be me in a similar situation)

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