Have you ever been dropping someone off at the airport and wished you could go in and wait with them so they wouldn't be alone at their gate? Or what about being able to surprise someone as soon as they step off their plane?

Well, Detroit Metro Airport now has a way for you to do that without having to buy a ticket.

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Maybe This Isn't News to You...

I'm not exactly sure when they reinstated the "destination pass" system or if it is something they have revamped from the past.

How I found out about this, though, was a post on social media where someone said something to the effect of that they never thought they would see something like this return in a post-9/11 world.

See, I was five when 9/11 happened so as far as policies and procedures at airports, I kind of know nothing else besides what has been instated since that tragic day.

I actually just recently flew to Texas from Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) and have come to actually love going to the airport by myself, but do often wish someone could be there with me to keep me company before I jet off to wherever I'm going.

Now, that's where the Destination Pass comes in.

What is the DTW Destination Pass?

According to the DTW website, the pass makes it so you don't actually have to have a trip booked to make your way through the terminals.

They use being able to surprise people at their gates, spend time with loved ones who are leaving or just simply enjoying the restaurants and shops in the terminals as examples.

Now, I'm not sure who would just go to the airport to spend three times more money on food and shopping than you would anywhere else just for the heck of it, but hey, if that's something you like, DTW's got you there.

A Few Things to Know Before You Go

You do have to apply for your DTW Destination Pass the day before you go, don't just go walking on in there like you own the joint.

(CLICK HERE for a look at the application).

Once approved for your pass, the website states you go to the McNamara Terminal's baggage claim and can get it from there.

Then, when you have obtained your pass, "you are free to move about the cabin"...or in this case BOTH terminals at DTW, McNamara and North, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

HOWEVER, do understand you do still have to go through security and are subject to all the same TSA rules and regulations as if you were flying. This also means if you are strictly there to use a Destination Pass, priority will be given to those who need to go through security checkpoints to actually board flights.

A disclaimer on the DTW website even states they may issue suspensions on said passes should any security delays arise.

Now, no, this has not been an advertisement for DTW or this service, but just something to know as the holidays come and maybe your travel plans could include an airport buddy or you want to pull off the ultimate holiday surprise for visiting friends and family!

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