I admit it, I am such a Netflix fan.   Some of the best shows are on Netflix, my latest obsession is 'FLINT TOWN'.

Growing up in Owosso, Flint was the place to go for shopping, dinner or to see a show at the Whiting Auditorium.  Birthdays were spent going to Farrell's for ice cream parties.  I even remember how magical it was to shop downtown Flint.   I always have loved that city.

What would this state be without Flint style Coney Islands? (FYI..they are the best.)

Netflix is now showing this wonderful and sad show about Flint and how the city I love is in such disrepair.  I highly recommend this show, what is crazy is I remember some of the neighborhoods that are featured, and now you would not even want to drive down those streets.  The show is seen through the eyes of the Flint Police Department and how these brave souls are trying to stop the violence and drug use, but they are so under staffed and over worked.  You also get to see the residents of this town who have stayed and keep hoping that things will turn around.

If you have Netflix, highly recommend Flint Town, an amazing series that highlights people who just won't give up and throw in the towel.

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