When you find out you are pregnant, that's when the soon to be parents get busy (not like that). They get busy trying to come up with a name for the new little one.

This was pointed out to me, and I thought I'd share it with all of you. If you are expecting a child and struggling to come up with a name, all you have to do is look on a map of Michigan to find an interesting or fun name for your new little human.

Some of the names of Michigan citiesyou will see are pretty normal names, but there are some interesting ones.

Some of the normal names of our cities include Adrian, Jordan, Marshall, Marion, Chelsea or Clare.

The list does not end there, though!

Michigan city names on the more unique side are Canton, Livonia, Milford, or even Berkely. How about Sterling, Burton, Owosso (just a shameless plug for my hometown), or Inkster (just think they could grow up and own a tattoo parlor with that name).

Remember when naming your child there are names that work perfectly and there are those names that might get the poor child teased or even at the mercy of a bully. Names like Benzonia, Toppinabee, Brutus, or Fenwick.

Giving your newborn a name should be something you consider very carefully, and there are many cities in our beautiful state of Michigan that would work wonderfully. But if all else fails and you have a beautiful daughter and can't come up with a name.....may I suggest Monica? Just sayin'.

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