This horrendous murder occurred in Muskegon on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1987.

It was late afternoon when a family - husband, his pregnant wife, and toddler sons -pulled up to the Cannon-Muskegon Corp. on Lincoln Street in Norton Shores. The man said he stopped to get his Bible and show his sons where he went to work every day. Once they got into the factory, he put the little boys into a transfer ladle (used to move molten metal) and turned on the burners.

After his horrible deed was done, he found a security guard and admitted his crime. A trial was finally held two years later and the man's diagnosis kept waffling from competent to incompetent and back again. The man, who took his Bible to work with him every day, had some fanatical religious beliefs along with paranoid schizophrenia for which he had to take medication to bring him somewhat back to earth. In fact, other family members admitted that his religious rants would ruin family gatherings at holidays and other much so, they cut off contact with him shortly before he did away with his sons.

Evidently, he and his wife were having their own marital problems and he constantly refused to take his medication. It was argued in court that he murdered his sons as a way to get back at his wife.

The man is currently serving two life sentences at the Correctional Facility in Ionia.

This is the story in a brief nutshell. To read more details and see a few photos, mlive did an article that you can read by CLICKING HERE.


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