Based on Michigan's history, there have been some major tornadoes that have touched down, dating back to the 1950's.

According to, Michigan averages 17 tornadoes each year, but the annual occurrence has ranged from as high as 39 to as low as two.

Tornadoes are extremely dangerous and I've had such a big fear of them ever since I was a kid.

I actually saw a tornado once when I was living on Miller Rd. in Lansing back in the late 70's. All I remember is that the sky was pitch black and the winds were picking up very quickly. I looked out our big picture window and saw an actual tornado. It was small in size and it was moving in a northern direction away from our house. FREAKED ME OUT!

Of all the Michigan tornadoes recorded in history, only about 5 percent reach F4 or F5 on the Tornado Damage Scale.

An F4 or F5 storm is categorized as devastating and the powerful winds reach speeds of 207 mph or more.

Michigan tornadoes tend to arise in the late afternoon and early evening, usually between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m.

There's only been one F5 tornado on record in Michigan and it caused an incredible amount of damage.

The storm raged through northern Flint on June 8th, 1953. It destroyed houses along a 23 mile long path that spanned to the town of Lapeer. The twister killed 115 people, injured 844, and caused $19 million in property damage.

Other significant Michigan tornadoes:

May 12, 1956-The Allen Park F4 Tornado injured 22 people.

July 4, 1957-The Brighton F4 Tornado caused 2 injuries, and destroyed several homes.

May 8, 1964-The Mt. Clemens F4 Tornado cut a 3 mile long path north of Mt. Clemens. The storm killed 11 people and damaged 372 houses and buildings.

Moving up to Aug. 14, 1988-A twister touched down near the campus of Michigan State University and left a damage path for 25 miles across rural Ingham county. has the Biggest and Most Violent Tornadoes in Michigan's History.

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