What was the #1 song that was recorded in this Michigan home?

"96 Tears" by Question Mark & The Mysterians back in 1966!

As for what city Question Mark & The Mysterians were from, some sources mistakenly claim it's Bay City, but Question Mark himself told me it was Saginaw; the band recorded the song on the back porch of the home of the band's manager, Lillie Gonzalez. It's been said that Gonzalez told people the song was recorded in Bay City at an unnamed house to avoid sight-seers. 96 TEARS was a #1 hit in 1966 for Question Mark & The Mysterians, originally written by Question Mark (Rudy Martinez) as a poem in 1962 titled "Too Many Teardrops." He later put the poem to music, re-titling it "69 Tears"...but fearing a song with that title would get no airplay, he re-named it yet again, this time as 96 TEARS. It's been said to be one of the first Garage Band hits and was given credit for starting Punk Rock. Question Mark still stands by his claim that he never takes his sunglasses off, even while sleeping or bathing. He also claims he was named "Question Mark" at birth!

Think you can find this house next time you visit Saginaw? Good luck!

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Now watch the video and listen to the song by CLICKING HERE!

Courtesy of Cameo-Parkway Records

More proof-positive that Michigan has cranked out many of the best Rock 'n Roll tunes in history!