Everyone loves a good meme, right? Turns out it's a very specific type of meme people in Michigan love to share.

Depending on the field you work in, there are going to be certain things in your internet search history that would not necessarily be in another's.

Turns out it is not just the job you have that can vary your internet searches but workers in certain states in general collectively search things more than others as well.

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That's why Zippia decided to look into "Each State's Most Interesting Job Related Google Search."

"Life is full of embarrassing or uncomfortable questions you’d rather not ask," Zippia said. "Especially when it comes to your job. After all, no one wants to ask their boss how they can get fired, or coworkers for good excuses to fake sick."

Seriously, "how to get fired" was the most popular work-related search in places like Connecticut.

Some states use their work-related Google searches to get genuine professional advice like "interview questions and answers" like North Dakota, or just searching for various types of jobs however, Michigan likes to have a little fun and our most interesting search was "Memes for Work."

Let me tell you, I may be a bit biased here to go along with all the other respondents in the Mitten but man, memes about work are the best!

I personally love them because they're like funny inside jokes only you and the other people in your line of work know. Recently, I just followed a meme page for people who work in radio and I have never felt so understood, it's beautiful.

All in all, whether you are googling how to quit your job, how to dress for your job or just how to laugh about it the internet is there for you to help through it all and there's really some beauty in that.

Keep calm and meme on Michigan!

Here are some of the memes that anyone who hasn't been under a rock the past decade might recognize:

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