Have you ever wondered if you're being judged for the way you drive? Stop wondering. We're judging. People in Michigan are very particular about our commutes, and other motorists have a way of getting on our nerves by not following the rules of the road. Thanks to a recent survey conducted by Lending Tree, we now know the top 11 behaviors you're being judged for most when behind the wheel in Michigan.

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In Lending Tree's survey, commissioned by QuestionPro, of 2042 U.S. consumers between the ages of 18 and 78, 92% of drivers admitted to having at least one driving pet peeve. Chances are you'll share more than 1 of the top 11 Michigan driving pet peeves.

The 11 Ways We're Judging the Way and What You're Driving in Michigan

11 Ways We're Judging How and What You Drive in Michigan

While driving poorly will result in you annoying nearly every driver around you, what you drive may also raise the hackles of your fellow motorists. In the survey, 38% of respondents admitted to being extra cautious around motorcycles, 31% keep their eye on sports cars, while pickups and SUVs also get a Michigan side-eye (25% and 16%).

Electric vehicles and sedans raise suspicions among 8% of those surveyed, while 7% have a surprising distrust of minivans. As you scroll through the following list, try and take a moment of inner-self reflection, and honestly ask yourself if you are a violator of the 11 Ways We're Judging How You Drive in Michigan.

11 Ways We're Judging How You Drive in Michigan

Think you're a good driver? Think again as you take a look at the 11 biggest driving pet peeves Michiganders face each and every day. Thanks to a Lending Tree survey commissioned by QuestionPro, we now know the 11 Ways We're Judging How You Drive in Michigan. See the link in the #1 entry for additional pet peeves and complete methodology.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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