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Kaye Bowman says there was one particular moment in time when she really felt like she was going to be sucked into a tornado.

Kaye and her husband Brian were at home Sunday night (6/20) when an EF-1 tornado ripped through their home in Riga, Michigan. Riga is in Lenawee County, about 35 miles south of Ann Arbor.

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The National Weather Service confirmed to ABC-13 that the tornado touched down at 9:23 pm Sunday, causing extensive damage to five homes and several buildings as well as uprooting numerous trees.

"As soon as I started pulling things out of the fridge, there was just that feeling that you're going to be sucked in," Bowman tells the Associated Press in the video below. "Then there was the big boom or crash and things just shattered and plaster started coming down from where my husband was and I thought for sure our windows were gonna go and some of them did in the bedroom."

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Bowman says she didn't have time to seek shelter or even find her husband.

"Then I just fell to the floor and did what we were taught in elementary school, covered my face, ya know, and went to my knees."

Bowman said the whole thing lasted just a few seconds. After the dust settled, the Bowmans were glad to find each other unharmed.

"We can replace our house, but we can't replace us."


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