No one should ever ask me if I'm a true Detroit Tigers baseball fan when I have a closet full of Tiger t-shirts and several Tiger bobbleheads that I've collected over the years.

I have Tiger baseball hats and I also have a Detroit Tigers trailer hitch attached to the back of my vehicle.  So yes, I'm a huge Tigers fan who loves going to Comerica Park to watch the Tigers play baseball.

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According to

Now that relative normalcy has returned to Comerica Park, if not the world at large, the Tigers have put tickets to all remaining 47 home games on sale and shared their promotional plans for the summer.

Are you ready for Detroit Tigers fun this summer.  We can tell you that bobbleheads are coming back and so are the fireworks on July 2 right there at Comerica Park.

We've been waiting for a very long time for things to get back to some type of normalcy all across the country and that time is now.

Just to be able to go to a Detroit Tigers baseball game, eat a few hotdogs, drink ice cold beer, and win some freebies makes it all worth it. tells us:

The Tigers are billing "Detroit's Biggest Summer Baseball Bash" on July 17 as a replacement of sorts for the lack of a true Opening Day in 2020 and 2021.  The event will mark the second half of the season after the All-Star break and will feature "appearances by popular Tigers alumni, live music, postgame entertainment and more," according to the team.  Details are still to come.

There you have it, several really good reasons why you should go to a Detroit Tigers baseball game this summer.  And don't forget about the 7th inning stretch!

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