There are two things that I fear in life and that would be any and all types of spiders and pesky, annoying, blood sucking mosquitos.

I literally hate mosquitos because they can pretty much ruin your day no matter what.  How many times do you go outside in the early evening and have to fight off those little blood sucking insects?

And what about when it's hot outside?  I can be outdoors working on a landscaping project at home and the minute I start breaking a sweat, here comes the army of mosquitos ready to pounce on my body and poke me like I'm a pin cushion.

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If this isn't bad enough, people in the Saginaw County area have to start worrying about a mosquito-borne virus.  What's that all about?

According to

Jamestown Canyon virus is most common during late spring through mid fall in the upper Midwest, according to the CDC.  Many infected people do not show symptoms, but those who do may encounter flu-like symptoms and fever.  The virus can cause severe infections, including encephalitis and meningitis.  About half of those reported to be infected are hospitalized, though death is rare and many cases go unnoticed.

There are 3 things you can possibly do to avoid mosquito bites:

1.  Use a strong insect repellant and make sure it contains DEET.  Deep Woods           Off is really good.

2.  Stay away from any type of standing water.  (Breeding ground)

3.  Wear long clothing to protect your skin.

4.  Stay inside and lock your doors.  (Lol)

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