Back in 2010, 21-year-old Andrew Whiteman from Royal Oak was seen around 3am: drunk and attempting to break into a Drug Mart by beating, kicking and pulling the door.....not looking to rob the shop he claimed, but looking for blood.

According to, police came and picked this guy up and put him in their police car. Whiteman told them he was a 100-year-old vampire and could sniff out blood; he also told the police he could smell THEIR blood as he sat in the back seat of the patrol car.

Making things worse for himself, Whiteman told one cop he would not only kill him, but his children as well. He also revealed he was immortal and would live forever.

Police wound up charging him with attempted breaking & entering, drunk & disorderly and intimidation by spouting verbal threats.

While being booked, Whiteman had to be strapped into a restraint chair thanks to his continuous non-cooperation. His attitude remained surly, uncooperative and angry; also threatening, as he told a female officer he wanted to eat her kidney.

Supposedly, once he sobered up, he apologized for his behavior...but did he mean it or did he just want to be charged with lesser offenses?

That was in where is Andrew Whiteman these days?
Does he still believe he's a vampire?
All throughout the United States there are thousands of people - men & women - who claim to be real-life vampires. Does Whiteman really think he is or was he just too intoxicated at the time?

We may never know...but never go out alone after never know who or what will be waiting around that dark corner, alley way or lonely, un-lit road...



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