Wondering if he barked "I'm sorry" when he got home?

Max is a 1-year-old dog who lives with his fur family in Muskegon, Michigan. His fur mom, Trinity, says that people told her all kinds of "negative things" about getting a puppy when she was pregnant, but Max has turned out to be the protector of the family and has grown close to their six-month-old son.

When the family got home from church on Sunday, Max was gone.

A tugboat full of mariners who had just finished an 18-hour-shift on Muskegon Lake were on their way back to port when they spotted a dog on a sheet of ice - it was Max.

They tried to lure Max to the boat with treats, but he was shy. He fell back into the water but was able to get back up on the ice. Finally, they were able to get him on the boat.

He was checked out at a vet; he has a mild case of pneumonia and some frostbite on his feet but otherwise, he's fine.

The crew of the tugboat who are being called "local heroes" - Captain Dave Wellington, Captain Matt Babbitt, Chief Engineer Danny Kuiper, asst. engineer Tyler Gagnon, deckhand Craig Benedetti & deckhand Jeff Wever.

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