Let's face it, everyone's on edge lately. Michigan residents have a LOT on their plates, and it doesn't look like they will get any less full, anytime soon.

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With that in mind, and with help from Preply.com, here's a look at the 10 phrases that run the risk of instantly upsetting or 'triggering' someone.

Michigan's 10 Most Powerful Triggering Phrases

DON'T SAY IT! Michigan's 10 Most Powerful Triggering Phrases

Whether you're looking to avoid conflict or start one, here are 10 gaslighting phrases that will set off many Michiganders:

1. "I have some bad news..." (65% triggered)

This phrase isn't going to result in a smile or anything other than sheer anxiety. Using this phrase instantly puts someone in a vulnerable position.

2. "We need to talk..." (63% triggered)

Oh boy. Much like "I have some bad news", "We need to talk" is a phrase that is rarely followed by anything good, thus it's easy to see why this phrase triggers negative responses.

3. "I expected more from you..." (57% triggered)

You feel like a child being admonished by a parent just reading that sentence, so it's no wonder it elicits a strong emotional response.

DON'T SAY IT! Michigan's 10 Most Powerful Triggering Phrases

4. "It's all your fault..." (47% triggered)

Whether it is, or isn't your fault, no one likes being called out on it, especially publically. Even one on one, this phrase is going to spark some feelings.

5. "You should know better..." (47% triggered)

Obviously in hindsight, "you should know better...' is easy to throw at somebody, but is it really helpful? Where were you BEFORE I should have known better?

6. "You're in trouble..." (37% triggered)

This one is a mixed bag. I know some folks who immediately start going through a mental Rolodex of all the things they've done wrong when they hear this and others who here an imaginary 'ding ding' a get ready to spar.

DON'T SAY IT! Michigan's 10 Most Powerful Triggering Phrases

7. "It's an emergency..." (32% triggered)

Depending on who says this, it can be triggering in a couple of different ways. When said by someone who is constantly claiming that EVERYTHING is an emergency, this can be shrugged off.

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However, when this is said by someone who is rarely rattled, it will most assuredly trigger an emotional response, usually involving 'fight or flight'.

Michigan's 10 Most Powerful Triggering Phrases

8. "We're going to be late..." (28% triggered)

Say this to a Michigander who is behind the wheel and you will trigger the response of a driver who measures distance in time, not miles. We know how long it takes to get there, settle down and enjoy the ride.

9. "This is a disaster..." (24% triggered)

Even if it is a disaster, declaring it one more than likely won't help. Keep your declarations to yourself.

10. "We're running out of time..." (22% triggered)

Chances are if you're running on a deadline of any kind, you're aware of the time constraints. Don't add to their anxiety by giving them updates.

Just reading a few of those phrases took you back to your childhood didn't they?

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