It takes a special kind of person to reside in Michigan. If you don't think so, invite a friend from a southern state to visit in January and watch their curiosity turn into terror. The X account, known as Midwest vs. Everybody, somehow can encapsulate what it's like to live in the Mitten State with their posts.

If you haven't already done so, I recommend you follow them. Here are 11 Midwest vs. Everybody X Posts That Perfectly Explain Life in Michigan:

A Great Meal Sometimes Requires a Lengthy Journey in Michigan

Did you judge the distance to your family's favorite gathering place in miles or minutes? My parent used to tell my sister and me that a 45-minute drive was 'just one and half Scooby Doos.'

Michiganders Constantly Resist the Urge to Complain About Weather Conditions

The tried and true saying, "In Michigan, you can experience all four seasons in one day," would be funnier if I hadn't experienced it on more than one occasion. Bringing this up is considered a challenge to Mother Nature.

Certain Things in Michigan You Can Never Get Enough Of

This one explains itself...

It's also fun to roll down your window and moo at them. One day, a herd of cows will someday begin knocking on windows as revenge.

Nobody Understands Just How Big Michigan Is

Even if you drive from New Buffalo to the Mackinac Bridge, you still have an entire peninsula to cover...and many pasties to consume. It's UP law.

People From Michigan Can Be Equally Polite and Ticked Off...At the Same Time

If you see a Michigander smiling at a stoplight, they may secretly curse you or another car on the road between clenched teeth. This is best demonstrated at a four-way stop intersection.

Michigan Parking Lots Are Where Most Selfies Are Taken

Why are so many profile pictures of Michiganders selfies taken in their car, in a parking lot? Is it the lighting?

Every Old Michigan Town Shares a Few Comment Elements

I wanted to prove this one wrong. I haven't been able to yet.

Somethings Funky With Michigan's Space-Time Continuum

Somehow, time speeds up and slows down with the seasons in the Mitten State.

Michigan Can Stop Doing This ANYTIME...Please

For some unexplained reason, people in the Great Lakes State like to add an "s" where it doesn't belong.

Michigan's Roads Have Been Through A Lot

If you don't have to apologize to your car after hitting a pothole at least once a day are you driving in Michigan?

Michigan's Got an Eye on Wisconsin

I'll leave you with this thought...

There you have it. It's good to know someone out there gets us. Thanks, Midwest vs. Everybody!

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