Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures across the country, though they also can be one of the most dangerous. Michigan surgeons are now pushing to let those dangers be more well-known before patients go under the knife.

Breast Implant Basics

As a very open, honest and small-chested woman, I'd be lying if I said I had never considered it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, you just have to do the research and be well-informed about what you are getting into.

According to FOX 47 News, about 400,000 people each year are going in for implants.

The FDA actually regulates either type of implant that is for sale in the U.S., saline-filled or silicone gel-filled both types with silicone outer shells, as their are dangers involved. CLICK HERE for more information.

According to FOX 47, "black box warnings" were actually placed on implants starting in 2019.

Dangers Of Breast Implants

Of course, there are people out there who love their implants and have had no issues; however, there are also the horror stories out there as well as cases of "Breast Implant Illness."

FOX 47 reports that board-certified cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist in Novi, Dr. Shaher Khan illustrated while breast augmentation is the major money-maker (next to liposuction) for surgeons in this line of work, he has never done them in his career due to the "adverse effects."

Silicone actually can leak into the body and actually, according to FOX 47, which led to the FDA banning breast augmentations in 1992 because women were getting sick. However, the ban was lifted and silicon implants are still on the market. Dr. Khan says we are now seeing that past experience with Breast Implant Illness repeat itself.

Mandatory Informed Consent

Dr. Khan is among a dozen other Michigan plastic surgeons who perform removals for implants, according to FOX 47 as they have seen the effects of Breast Implant Illness first-hand. Dr. Khan is also among surgeons, like Dr. Amy Derosa in Bloomfield Township who do not put implants in, only take them out. 

Dr. Khan, Dr. Derosa and multiple other plastic surgeons are pushing for mandatory informed consent in Michigan which spells out all the risks and must be signed by the patient before surgery.

Washington State and Arizona, as reported by FOX 47, are the only other states that have this measure as a state-wide requirement. Now, Michigan surgeons have reached out to the FDA as well as other lawmakers and are waiting to move forward.

It's all about keeping people as safe as possible or at least keeping them as informed as possible. If you're willing to go under the knife and spend weeks recovering, taking that extra few minutes shouldn't be an issue.

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