In the wake of a recent story gone viral of Michigan Senator, Peter Lucido's "uncomfortable" comments to a female reporter that prompted calls for investigation, Lucido is now saying the situation has been interpreted wrong.

According to MLive, the senator is alleging the situation is being reported and spread around inaccurately and is now claiming his intentions behind the "they could have fun with you" comment was innocent.

Michigan Advance reporter, Allison Donahue, was at the capitol at the same time as Lucido's Alma Matter, De La Salle (who have also released a statement on the matter) which is when the comment came to light.

Donahue felt the comment was questionable, confronted him, wrote about the situation where it then caught national attention and prompted calls for a sexual harassment investigation.

In a recent interview with Paul W. Smith on WJR AM radio, Lucido claims the comment as nothing more than an "inclusive" invitation to "[let] her come on the floor, because you need a member from the state Senate to go on the floor.”

In regards to his wording of the comment, “I can’t say the word fun anymore?" Lucido said later. "How far has this society gone?”

Donahue and her fellow team at Michigan Advance stand by her feelings and story on the matter.

In a follow-up column for Michigan Advance, Susan Demas denounces Lucido's claims as "gaslighting" and says “There is absolutely no question that what Lucido did was wrong. And the most disturbing part is that he’s shown that he doesn’t believe that."

As the story garners more attention from those with opinions favoring either side, Donahue shared the sentiment to leave Lucido's personal and family life out of the conversation.

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