Decency is something that sounds so simple, yet why do so many people struggle?

At a time like this, with a global pandemic on our hands, people shuttered in their homes and others just trying to make life work in what people are calling "the new normal" a simple thing like decency can go a long way.

According to National Day Calendar, today, May 14th is "National Decency Day" and it means more than you would think!

The day is inspired by what National Day Calendar says is a "non-partisan, grassroots movement meant to inspire decency in every day life" called, you guessed it, "DECENCY."

National Day Calendar and the group say "DECENCY" is about three things: Active listening, better communication and compassion.

It makes sense that something as simple as being decent to one another breaks down to only three things.

On the "how to observe" section, National Day Calendar says to listen mindfully to the people you are in contact with and also to appreciate another's point of view.

At a time where political opinions are flying and general opinions on how to handle the situation we find ourselves in stir up debates either online or in person, it seems like decency is something we should all consider right now.

The part that stands out most to me is "appreciate another's point of view." It seems easy, but it means a lot.

Every person you know has vast experiences that lead them to the opinions and point of view they have and we should respect that more.

Just like the things you've experienced in life have lead you to think and carry yourself the way you do, the person you are striking up an argument on the internet with has done the same.

This is not to say that if someone has basic facts wrong, that you shouldn't point them in the right direction, but there is a way to be decent about it and I think that is what today is really about.

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