Some people just don't know how to appreciate things, do they?

As Michigan's capital city, Lansing absolutely has a lot to offer and there are plenty of fun experiences to be had.

While there are plenty iconic Lansing spots, some people apparently come to find them disappointing so they take to one of the most influential tools people use to help them plan things to do...Yelp!

The days of "official" critics coming in and reviewing your establishment in the paper are over and the age-old adage "everyone's a critic" rings true.

As long as you have the Yelp app, you can go on and on about your experiences at various locations, good or bad.

Just like when we did these postcards with negative reviews of Michigan Landmarks, we just couldn't shake the feeling of "how can anybody hate on what we hold dear here?"

Maybe some of these places on this list are not your favorites either. Which in that case, this will show there are kindred spirits out there.

However, if you are passionate about our city of Lansing and all the fun places to visit, get ready to laugh!

Negative Lansing Yelp Reviews

Some people just love to complain.

What are some of your favorite Lansing "landmarks"? Which ones might fall a bit flat in your opinion? Let us know!

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