What we can learn from this viral TikTok about a young Michigan woman about a possible sex trafficking attempt.

In late December Sarah received a strange text in the middle of the night.  In that text, a person she does not know said that his name was Jeremy and they had met a couple of months ago at Michigan State.  The stranger went on to say that he thinks he left his phone in the back of her car and asked her to go look for it real quick.  That was a clear red flag to Sarah.  She questioned this person to figure out who their mutual friends are sense she is 100% certain that she has not had any strangers in her car.  He failed that test miserably.  He did however give throw another red flag her way.  When she asked who they were hanging out with when they met, he named off a couple of names she didn't know followed by her last name.  Get the full story below from the TikTok Sarah posted that has been viewed over 8.6 million times.

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Sarah has since followed up with an update on TikTok that has now been viewed nearly 2 million times.  In that update, she tells us that she has filed a police report, checked her car for air tags, made most of her social media private, and removed followers that she doesn't know personally.

Law enforcement agencies from all over the United States are warning people about texts from strangers that are attempting to lure you outside or to another location.  If this happens to you, contact your local authorities as soon as possible.  Many Michiganders are receiving texts lately that could be anything from a phishing scam or trafficking attempt.  Follow your gut, and do not click any links or give out any personal information.

Be careful out there.

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