Has it come to a point in our lives where we have to worry about people carrying guns at polling places where we vote? Unfortunately that is the case during these uncertain times.

According to the Detroit Free Press, people will not be allowed to openly carry firearms at polling places, clerks offices or locations where absentee ballots are counted.

Michigan's Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson made this official as of Friday, Oct. 16.

Benson said in a news release "fair, free and secure elections are the foundation of our democracy." She also said I am committed to ensuring all eligible Michigan citizens can freely exercise their fundamental right to vote without fear of threats, intimidation or harassment. (Detroit Free Press)

Here's the bottom line:

Prohibiting the open carry of firearms in areas where citizens cast their ballots is necessary to ensure every voter is protected.

We should all feel comfortable about voting on election day no matter where we go to vote. We all need to feel confident, protected, and not feel threatened to exercise our right to vote.

"The directive states that no one may openly carry a firearm within 100 feet of a polling place, clerk's office or absentee ballot counting board. It requires clerks to post signage noting the rule, and to contact law enforcement if there are any violations." (Detroit Free Press)

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