You may have seen some of the videos on YouTube and other sites, that show Michigan folks trying to have those from outside of Michigan sample some of our wonderful food and drink.

Sometimes it's a beautiful thing, other times these 'tasters' turn their noses up to some of our favorites in Michigan.

For instance, our beloved Fago, one person who tried it for the first time compared Fago pop to someone putting jelly beans in a cream soda and then coming back to drink it 10 years later.  Seriously!

Another Michigan favorite that was sampled was Pannu Kakku. It's an oven pancake brought to the United States from the Finnish. This has been described as a gooey, buttery pancake.  That truly is delicious. One of the tasters loved the Pannu Kakku. I believe he said "this is Jesus" while stuffing his face. Hard to say no to the delicious carbs, butter, eggs, and sugar that make this treat.

The pastie is another food that you will not find in many places other than Michigan. So many people have said that the Michigan Upper Peninsula favorite is weird, but once they taste it, well it's a whole different story.. The majority of tasters eating a pastie for the first time fall in love especially is served with gravy.

I know a pastie purist, turns their nose up at using ketchup or gravy, but everything is better when covered with gravy, even a pastie.

Taste of the Upper Peninsula and Zodiac Party store in  St. Ignace is my favorite spot to stop for a pastie.

Vernors is a drink, made in Michigan by Detroit pharmacist James Vernor, for some it is an acquired taste. For me, it's medicine.  Vernors and saltine crackers were an upset stomach remedy at my home.

Potato chips crushed in a sandwich, pretty much a Michigan thing. When someone sees me doing this for the first time, they think I've gone crazy. Hand to God, crush up some Better Made potato chips into a tuna sandwich, it is delicious, I still couldn't get others to give it a try.  Oh well, their loss I guess.

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