I don't usually buy hot cocoa. If I want a hot drink, I drink coffee. I am in no way shape or form quitting my coffee habit cold turkey, but I am willing to try a new cocoa that Pepsi will be releasing this winter. Say hello to Pepsi Cocoa Cola, a mix of hot chocolate and cola.

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The beverage will hit a grocery store near you sometime this winter, 2021. Does this flavor appeal to you at all? I don't think I will love, it - but like I said, I will try it. Why the hell not? I am trying think of what type of alcohol it would pair well with? I can't believe I am saying this, but I think I will be drinking it straight. Sure I understand the concept of cola and whiskey, but that added chocolate flavor is really throwing me for a loop.

Soda giants throwing new flavors into the mix is nothing new. Remember Vanilla Coke? Is that still a thing? I am pretty sure you can still buy Cherry Coke. I am lame in terms of knowing the pop game. The only pop I ever buy is Diet Coke, because it goes perfect with Jim Beam. I don't think Jim Beam would be good in this hot chocolate pop.

My next question is if you drink it hot or cold? Hot pop is a thing. My parents drink hot Dr. Pepper. When I saw them microwave a cup of Dr. Pepper, I thought they were nuts. Turns out, it is pretty damn good. I recommend adding Jack Daniels to it. Don't knock it, until you try it. Cheers.

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