As I continue counting the Top Ten Most Haunted Places in is #6:

The Michigan Bell Telephone Co. in Grand Rapids.

This building was built in downtown Grand Rapids, on the grounds of a demolished extravagant mansion, the Judd-White House. It was purchased from the previous owners by Warren Randall & his wife, who soon experienced bad luck.

According to one site, "Warren Randall, a railroad brakeman, lost his leg while on the job and had it replaced with a wooden prosthetic. This led to feelings of insecurity on Warren’s part, and he soon accused his wife Virginia of having an affair. Their marriage was no longer happy and arguments were often overheard from the street. After noticing a pungent odor emanating from the mansion, workers in the building next door contacted officials to investigate. The two were found dead in the house; Warren had allegedly beaten Virginia to death with his wooden leg before slitting his own throat."

Employees of Michigan Bell report witnessing ghostly arguments between the deceased couple and strange 'prank' phone calls that have been discovered to have been made from the building in the wee morning hours, long after closing time.

Got guts? Pay it a visit..........