This is a hard one to digest. Literally.

We all know about the insurrection at the US Capitol. We all know about the aftermath, the fallout, the trials, the impeachment.

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We also know that after the events, we called in the troops. National Guard troops from all over the country. Michigan's own showed up to serve their country and protect.

They were on duty, on guard, protecting and even sleeping there.

Sadly we now hear news from WILX & Mike Valerio/WUSA that while they were doing their best for us and even sleeping on marble floors, we couldn't even feed them right.

You're kidding right?

It is reported that the food possessed metal shavings and feathers. Additionally, the meat found in the meals was not up to standard either. Many guard members have suffered bouts of sickness. (WILX)

Metal shavings? How did that happen? Spoiled fruit and feathers? Really?

These folks are stepping up to protect and serve and now they're going to the hospital? Not from a threat that's outside but from eating the very food that we're serving them while they are on guard inside the Capitol?

U.S. Capitol National Guard troops hospitalized... Because food contracted through Pentagon has had: • FEATHERS on chicken • Raw ground beef • Metal shavings (Mike Valerio via Twitter)

They got the food from sources CONTRACTED THROUGH THE PENTAGON?

Senators are speaking up. Michigan's own Gary Peters.

Just this past Thursday, Rep. Jack Bergman spoke highly of our Michigan National Guard troops (from the U.P. and Northern Michigan) serving at the Capitol.

There have been stories about us sending our troops to fight wars in other countries with faulty/defective gear.

US soldiers may not be equipped with the latest protective equipment against chemical and biological attacks in the event of military action against Iraq, US Senators and a non-partisan government office have warned.

Additionally, some 250,000 defective suits have gone missing and may have been mixed in with functioning equipment. (BBC)

Now we're feeding our (Michigan) National Guard Troops bad food that's sending them to the hospital?


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