Jason Asselin of Iron Mountain, Michigan was out one day when he captured one of the most amazing videos of a bald eagle.

Asselin was on Pine Mountain Road in Iron Mountain back in May of 2021 when he noticed a beautiful bald eagle on the side of the road. The eagle was just standing there feasting on top of a dead deer.

He said he filmed for over five minutes before the eagle finally flew away. He probably would have had more footage if it weren't for a jogger that was running by which you'll notice in the video above.

Jason Asselin:

For over 5 minutes vehicles just zipped right by and this American Bald Eagle didn't care, nor did it care about me sitting right across the road from where it was eating it's deer for dinner.. Even the flies all over this bird didn't scare it away! Until that jogger came running by who didn't see it until she was right there, I think she was focused on what I was filming. Either way it was a very cool chance to see an eagle in nature!

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While bald eagles are no longer an endangered species and haven't been since 1995, they are still protected under multiple federal laws and regulations. They were listed as "threatened" until 2007.

It's estimated that there are well over 300,000 bald eagles in the lower 48 states.

It's pretty rare to catch a glimpse of a bald eagle in nature. I think I've only witnessed it a couple of times in my life. However, I'm sure it's a little more common in Northern Michigan than down here in Flint.

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