There's a particular house on Dice Road, approximately 4-and-a-half miles north of Merrill, smack dab in the center of Michigan's mitten. This home is said to be haunted...there was even a documentary made on this place as well.

In 1974, strange events began happening. The family who lived there experienced loud pounding from within & without the walls, fires that started themselves (including a roll of toilet paper caught fire by itself) and disembodied voices. 

The family made numerous reports to the police many, that not only did the Saginaw County Sheriff Department investigate, so did the Michigan State Police, priests, university representatives and others. NOBODY could figure out what was causing these weird occurrences.

Authorities put the house under surveillance and even had officers spend a few nights inside. Officers on the inside reported they heard loud thuds, a voice from nowhere that whispered the homeowner's name, and 13 loud "blasts" that were never figured out. However, officers observing from the outside saw nothing or anybody suspicious or out of the ordinary.

The family moved out after one of the fires was too much for them to handle. A new owner moved in and only claims to have had one experience...her antique radio began spouting static out of the speaker...but it wasn't even plugged in.

Sounds like a poltergeist haunting, right?

If you want to read more about this weird, true Michigan haunting, check out a very good mlive article on that house by CLICKING HERE.

Feel free to read the article in the above-mentioned link...but keep in mind, the house is inhabited. Respect the owners' privacy and property.

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