It's hard to believe that someone who is completely innocent of a crime, could be locked up in prison for close to 50 years.  We're not saying this man is guilty or not  guilty of a crime he committed a long time ago.  But can it happen?  Yes!

Have you ever watched the movie "Shawshank Redemption?"  It's about an innocent banker who is sent to prison for killing his wife.  Long story short, he was completely innocent and he escaped from prison to spend the rest of his life as a free man.

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Here's the story of Raymond Gray who was released from prison on Monday, May 25, for a crime he said he didn't do.

Here's what said:

Gray, 69, of Detroit, was convicted in a bench trial of first degree murder in a Feb. 6, 1973, robbery and killing of Ruben Bryant in a Detroit apartment.  He maintained his innocence from the beginning.

You can't help but wonder if Gray is innocent and why has it taken close to 50 years to get him out of prison.  At this point, unless someone reopens the case from 1973, and then spends countless time and money trying to figure it out, would the outcome be the same or not?  That's a loaded question. adds:

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy allowed the conviction to be vacated in exchange for Gray pleading no contest to second degree murder.  Wayne County Circuit Judge Margaret M. Van Houten on Tuesday sentenced Gray to 25 to 40 years in prison with credit for time already served.

Gray walked out of prison this week a happy man. In fact he said and I quote:

"Happiest day of my life."  Check out the full story at

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