Linkville was founded in 1870 near the Pigeon River, in what is now Huron County's Winsor Township. Originally named Kilkenny, the village had around 100 residents. It's main purpose was a stop along the Pontiac Oxford Northern Railroad and a postal station. The post office was established in 1879 and closed in 1883. The railroad has been torn up for many decades.

However, due to local demands, the post office re-opened in 1887, and by 1893 the town was given its new name of Linkville, named after a local settler, a Mr. Link. The P.O. again shut down in 1906, re-re-opened in 1907 and closed for good in 1913.

Not only did Linkville have a post office, but also two churches, depot, flour mill, general store, motel, and schoolhouse. Nowadays all that's left is one of the churches and a few old houses scattered throughout the countryside, among a handful of current residents.

Linkville's tiny cemetery is north of town on Stein Road.

Some consider it a ghost town, but I get the feeling it's only kind-of a ghost town.
Drive-thru sometime...but keep in mind, there are no gas stations, restaurants, party stores, etc.


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