The Lansing Lugnuts who are in the midst of hiring 200 workers for the upcoming season, are looking to fill some big shoes.

Those big shoes belong to none other than Big Lug.  He's the 7 foot tall purple dinosaur mascot who has been with the Minor League team since the beginning in 1996.

According to the Lansing State Journal, the ideal candidate will interact well with children, be animated and fun loving.

And he or she should be able to wear a hot costume for a few hours at a time while moving around the Cooley Law School Stadium.

To date, about a dozen men have portrayed Big Lug.  The job isn't limited to guys, but the ideal mascot is tall.

The large, round bellied dragon sports a shock of red hair and large lugnuts for nostrils.  He's been compared to the children's TV character Barney over the years.

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