Lake Superior has got an heir of confidence about her that rivals ANY other body of water. Lately, she's been living up to that stigma, and has given herself the honorary title of GLOAT, or the Greatest Lake Of All Time!
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If you aren't a follower of Lake Superior on Twitter, then you're doing yourself a disservice. If only for one reason, she's got a great sense of humor.


But if for Two reasons, it's these beautiful photos, and the awesome interaction she has for the people who visit her every year.

So yes, Lake Superior IS the GLOAT, and now she's doing something about it. Back in July, she started a Patreon page to raise funds for a website that would take her beautiful shores beyond twitter, and onto an actual URL platform.

"In 2009, a fisherman dropped their iPhone 3G in my depths. Bored one day, I found this bird app and began tweeting. Since then, I have amassed a following of 218k followers... I've created this Patreon account to allow myself to spend more time creating beautifully crafted Great Lakes tweets and justify over a decade of time on my iPhone while ignoring my siblings (Michigan, Huron, Ontario, and... what's the other one? Oh yeah, Erie.)... I hope to use the funds to create the greatest website of all-time (GWOAT doesn't quite have the same ring to it) with articles from limnology, to my breweries, to artists and more along my shoreline."

The funds from the Patreon would be used to increase awareness of the Great Lakes (all of them), Promote Great lakes Science, further the conservation conversation, and "... always put Lake Erie in her place."

As for the other stuff, it would allow her "human surrogate" to continue what they do in promoting Lake Superior with a salary, and money to attend Lakes activities, seminars, events, and conferences.

Lake Superior is more synonymous with Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but nonetheless, an important part of the state's ecosystem.

So yes... give it up for the GLOAT, and help a Lake out if you can.

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