The next time you go grocery shopping at Kroger, you will be able to get a COVID-19 test done and get your results in a short time.

The grocery store announced yesterday that that they will have COVID testing available at the store's pharmacy. You will be able to take the test and then do your grocery shopping.   Fifteen minutes later your results will be in.

Kroger is the first retailer in the United States to offer the quick tests which consists of a finger prick provided by licensed health professional. The test will cost $25 dollars.

The coronavirus is amping up as cold weather has people spending more time indoors. The virus is on the rise and the latest numbers show that deaths from COVID-19 have doubled in 7 states, including Michigan. In our 50 states, 36 states have seen increases of the virus in the past two weeks. Those numbers have Governors hopeful that they will not have to start shutting down again, a decision that will be made if the numbers continue to rise at alarming rates.

The COVID-19 tests are available at the grocery chains pharmacy locations in Michigan, and the tests will be available at all the stores' pharmacies by the end of November.

Since the coronavirus outbreak started over 7 months ago, over 225 thousand people in the United States have died, and over 8.6 million have tested positive for the virus.

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