It's officially the Happy Halloween Season in the Mitten State! Michigan loves all things spooky more than Spirit Halloween enjoys seeing a store close in September.

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Decorators around the Great Lakes are now gathering leaves, branches, hay bails, and of course, pumpkins. A lot of pumpkins. The good news is some Michigan growers are expecting a record crop this year.

When to Buy and When to Carve Your Pumpkins in Michigan to Last Until Halloween


Whether you're looking to have some fun with the kids, have an office carving contest, or just make it look like the Great Pumpkin has invaded your front porch, here are some tips to help make your pumpkin last.


1. Choose Wisley: This is where it all starts. Look for a pumpkin without any soft or mushy spots with a sturdy stem. An uncarved pumpkin that is kept outdoors, out of the sun, and out of freezing weather can last up to 2 to 3 months.

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2. Give 'Ur Pumpkin a Bath: Before you even think about carving your seasonal jack-o-lantern, scrub away any of the dirt and grime it may have collected with cool soapy water. Remember, it's spent its entire life on the ground until now.




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3. Spray With the Handy Man's Holy Water: WD40 can help keep an uncarved pumpkin fresh and squeak-free. The spray is flammable, so this shouldn't be used in anything you intend on putting a candle in.

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4. Once You've Carved It, Bleach It: Even uncarved, spraying your pumpkin down with a bleach solution (as seen below) can increase your orange buddy's longevity.

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5. Last Minute Carving: Left untreated, a carved pumpkin can last a few days, up to a week IF kept in a cool place that is out of direct sunlight. If you really want to show off your Michigan jack-o-lantern then timing is everything! Try to wait until a day or two before the big day.


Remember Michiganders, a little TLC for your pumpkin will go a long way to making not look like an unintentionally sad, rotting, vegetable corpse.

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