As the news of the 'Joro' spider invading the US has gone viral, some are wondering if they're soon on their way to the Great Lakes State.

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What is the Joro Spider?

The Joro spider is an invasive species of spider from Japan that was identified as invasive to the United State in Georgia in 2015.

What does the Joro Spider look like?

The spider is described as 'as large as a child's hand' by Axios and has black legs with yellow-orange stripes and a bright yellow body with bluish-green stripes on its back and red markings on its underside.

Why are people now worried about the Joro Spider?

As the Joro Spider has expanded across the eastern seaboard, posts about spiders 'falling from the sky' have gone viral. As posts of the menacing-looking spider go viral, more people wonder about whether or not the spiders will show up in their backyard.

So where are the Joro Spiders now?

Currently, the spiders have been tracked and concentrated along the eastern seaboard of the United States, spreading out from their North American hotbed in Georgia.

So, when will we see the Joro Spider in Michigan?

According to this article from the Ann Arbor News, the Joro spider would likely make their way to Michigan naturally within the next twenty years, but it's more likely we'll see the spread of the spider brought into the state by travelers before that.

Can the Joro Spider survive in Michigan?

University of Georgia researcher Andy Davis says that it's not likely to see the spiders last through a Michigan winter:

I think it may be a bit too cold for these spiders to successfully live in that region, although it would not surprise me if one or two get accidentally transported there once or twice each year. But these would surely perish.


Are the Joro Spiders dangerous?

While the spiders are venomous, they are harmless to humans and pets and their fangs can't pierce the skin. In fact, some scientists think that they may be a boon to local wildlife including birds, as a new food source.

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