Michigan's first prison was built in 1838. It was the world's largest walled prison housing over 2000 inmates. And the spirits of some of those inmates are said to be dwelling within the walls, rooms and underground tunnels.

The prison has an extensive history of riots, neglect, escapes, wrongful deaths, sickness, torture and cruelty...so it shouldn't be much of a surprise that there would be tortured souls within, seeking retribution, forgiveness...or even some kind of pardon.

People who have visited or investigated the old prison have seen apparitions, heard unearthly moans, 'phantom' screams, doors slamming, banging on pipes...and are certain they had been touched by some unseen presence.

Paranormal investigators have recorded voices pleading for help as well as screams and moans.

The photo gallery below shows an exploration of the underground tunnels in the old Michigan State Prison (called the “Jackson Armory” years later, now the “Armory Arts Village”).

I’ve been through those tunnels myself (which is a very claustrophobic experience) – and in the solitary confinement cells – and I can understand why there are those who believe the place haunted.

Very historical, very interesting, very recommended location for you to visit…even if you’re NOT a ghost hunter. If you're curious about anything paranormal, this is a place you should visit. To get tour information, CLICK HERE.

You can always ask an official for permission to conduct your own paranormal investigation...

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