A tradition since 2010 carries on as these little chickies come into the world!

Safe to say we all could use a silly little, fun distraction right now so why not take some time to name five fluffy falcon babies?

According to MLive, Jackson County and Michigan DNR officials are giving that responsibility to their readers.

You can send your name suggestions to mweidmay@mlive.com or MLive says they will also accept names from their Facebook page.

They say suggestions are open until May 18th and from there, the best ones will be up for a vote in a poll.

Proud parents, Big Red and Chayton, have raised their little chicks in Jackson for 10 years now and in the wake of COVID-19, MLive says it is "unlikely" these ones will be able to be banded for tracking.

Names related to Jackson are usually top contenders, according to MLive, but absolutely not a requirement!

They share a list of the winning names over the past 10 years, including last year's four chicks who were named: Carnegie, Tommy, Melling and Alro.

So whether you share your name suggestions all the way to the top or just here with us, let's have a little fun!

If you are interested in more about these falcon chicks, you can also watch the livestream of the nest atop 120 W. Michigan Ave.

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