Happy Holidays!

I know you will not want to waste food this Thanksgiving, plus you may want to bring some food back with you.

Did you know that there are certain Thanksgiving foods that you actually CAN bring back through the airport?

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15 Thanksgiving Foods Through Michigan Airports

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When it comes to bringing food through the airports, there are certain stipulations that come with it.

There are certain Thanksgiving foods that can be brought through a TSA security checkpoint.

TSA's website shares that the following food fits that description.

Thanksgiving Foods That Can Be Brought Through TSA Checkpoint   

  • Baked goods
    • Homemade or store-bought pies, cakes, cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats.
  • Meats - Turkey, chicken, ham, steak.
    • It can be frozen, cooked, or uncooked.
  • Stuffing
    • It can be cooked, uncooked, in a box, or in a bag.
  • Casseroles.
    • Traditional green beans and onion straws or something more exotic.
  • Mac ‘n Cheese.
    • Cooked in a pan or traveling with the ingredients to cook it at your destination.
  • Fresh vegetables.
    • Potatoes, yams, broccoli, green beans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beets, radishes, carrots, squash, greens.
  • Fresh fruit.
    • Apples, pears, pineapple, lemons, limes, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, kiwi.
  • Candy.
  • Spices.

Thanksgiving foods That Should Be Packed In Checked Luggage

However, there are certain Thanksgiving foods that will have to be carefully packed into your checked luggage.

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey
  • Cranberry sauce.
    • Homemade or canned are spreadable, so check them.
  • Gravy.
    • Homemade or in a jar/can.
  • Wine, champagne, sparking apple cider.
  • Canned fruit or vegetables.
    • It’s got liquid in the can, so check them.
  • Preserves, jams, and jellies.
    • They are spreadable, so best to check them.
  • Maple syrup

You can check out the full press release from TSA here.

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