On the Shiawassee River sits a deserted concert arena: The Chesaning River Days Stadium. After the concerts came to a close in 2013, the facility also stopped cruising up and down the river in he Chesaning Showboat, a popular attraction for decades.

Chesaning Riverboat Festival was founded in 1937 and brought in many stars from all entertainment genres. Some of the performers included:
The Beach Boys
Bobby Goldsboro
Brenda Lee
Charlie Daniels Band
Finger Eleven
George Gobel
The Golden Boys: Frankie Avalon, Fabian, Bobby Rydell
Homer & Jethro
Ink Spots
Marie Osmond
Phyllis Diller
Roy Clark
Sick Puppies
Three Dog Night
Willie Nelson …..and many others.

When the venue went bankrupt in 2013, the performers and the showboat all ceased. The 'Shiawassee Queen' was a riverboat with three levels that carted passengers to and from the festival. The riverboat sat and began decaying for a couple of years until it was purchased for a measly fifty dollars and destroyed in July 2015.

Then, in 2018, The Handmade Music Festival was created, having their first fest in October 2018 at Showboat Park, just a stone's throw from the deserted concert venue.

The gallery below take you inside the concert venue area. You'll see the trees and bushes that are growing through the seats (as well as the stage area), the former concession stands, the V.I.P seating, the empty concert stage, the old deck for the riverboat, and restrooms.

There is also a picture of the old Shiawassee Queen riverboat...it's a shame there was nobody who wanted to preserve it.

Abandoned Chesaning Festival Arena


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