WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

The Grand Trunk Cold Storage sits deserted and decaying on Detroit’s east side. The building was constructed in 1928 and served the railway for decades. It went on for 74 years until it closed and was abandoned in 2002. The deterioration that exists to this day was helped in part by a fire that swept thru the building in 2005, collapsing several of the floors.

The warning that is at the header of this – and every ‘abandoned’ article says in part, “you risk bodily harm”.....and that part came true for one unlucky ‘explorer’ (trespasser) in January of 2019. A group of kids entered the building, reportedly around or after midnight to wander, and ended up playing a game of Hide & Seek. After a long period of time, they had enough and were ready to leave; except one of their group was missing. Searching thru the darkness, and hollering their friend’s name, it was all to no avail. They couldn’t find him.

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Thinking they would go back the next morning and continue the search, they finally packed it up and went home. When they returned the next day, they began searching again, this time bringing it to a close. They found his body at the bottom of an elevator shaft. Evidently, trying to hide from the others in a place too dark to see, he stepped into an open elevator shaft a few stories up, and down he went. The Detroit Fire Department was summoned and recovered the body from the shaft.

As for the abandoned facility itself: looking at the photos in the gallery below, you’ll see piles of food that was never recovered, including rotting meat and hundreds of food cans and boxes, strewn about the basement floor. After the facility closed in 2002, the rotting meat caused such a stink mixed with the stench of the incinerator next door, that it’s a wonder anyone would even want to venture inside. By the time the videographer entered and took these images, the rotting food had been there for so long, that the stench had dissipated over the years. Rumor was, there was so much food down there, that the rats had a field day, growing to the size of fat raccoons.

The Grand Trunk Cold Storage Warehouse still sits at 1950 E. Ferry Street in Detroit.

Abandoned Grand Trunk Cold Storage Warehouse, Detroit


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