Are you looking for the perfect sandy destination to spend the weekend or take a brief break from the day-to-day reality of Michigan's 9 to 5? Fortunately, our fine state is surrounded by the world's most extensive freshwater coastline; therefore, there are many options for those seeking a peaceful oasis or a place to splash and play. US News recently looked at Michigan's sandy coast to determine the best destination for beach lovers.

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But what makes a beach a good one? Is it water quality, accessibility, the scenery, or a combination of these and other factors that make a Michigan beach great?

US News 2024 Top 11 Great Lakes Beaches in Michigan

Toes in the Sand: The 11 Best Beaches in Michigan

While you may have found a secret hideaway tucked away from prying eyes and free from foot traffic, sometimes a beach experience is more about being amongst your fellow sun and water lovers.

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For this reason, the top Great Lakes Michigan beaches featured on the US News list are open to the public and have several amenities (because sometimes you forget the ice, cooler, and the stuff inside it).

Toes in the Sand: The 11 Best Beaches in Michigan

While thousands of inland beaches offer similar features, there's something about spending a day on the coast of some of the world's largest freshwater bodies of water.

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And if you're planning on putting each of these on your summer bucket list, you may want to pony up for the Michigan Recreation Passport unless you plan on walking into each of the parks.

The 11 Best Beaches in Michigan on Great Lakes

If you're looking for Michigan's Best Great Lakes Beaches, look no further than US News 2024 ranking for Michigan's Best Beaches on the Great Lakes. Using beach and water quality, surrounding amenities and attractions, amongst other criteria, here are the 11 best beach options according to US News.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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